About Jensen’s Auto Detailing

Bob Jensen is a people person who has always loved cars. “I’ve had quite a few,” he laughs. “I’ve always wanted to have a shop, meet people and do things for them on their vehicles,” he says. That dream has become a successful reality through “Jensen’s Auto Detailing”  located at 11 Roy Blvd, Unit D, Brantford Ontario. “It’s taken off and we’ve been busy ever since,” he says.

“Jensen’s Auto Detailing” offers a full line of reasonably priced top quality auto detailing and cleanup services using environmentally friendly products.  Packages run the gamut from an exterior hand wash and dry including rim and tire shining to an exterior high speed polish and wax. “Jensen’s Auto Detailing” also offers window tinting, dent removal, HID and LED lighting services.

Both customers and staff at “Jensen’s Auto Detailing” are treated like family.  In fact, it’s company policy at the family own business. People have been known to drop by just to sit and visit and staff are urged to take the time to listen and chat. The personal, friendly service has resulted in a huge amount of positive feedback.

“Jensen’s Auto Detailing” is open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and on Saturday’s 8 a.m. till 3 p.m. However, Jensen says they can be flexible and have been known to open early and stay late to accommodate customers. They will also provide transportation for folks left without a ride while work is carried out on the vehicle.

Bob Jensen and the staff at “Jensen’s Auto Detailing” believe their customers deserve the best!   Make an appointment today!