Paint Protection Film (PPF

LLumar Platinum PPF is a favorite of auto enthusiasts and purists alike, because it helps defend a new finish against from a long list of threats:

Flying rocks – Road salt – Sand – Dirt – Bugs – Oil

Thanks to a high shine top coat that’s made to blend with factory fresh auto paint, this film is nearly impossible to detect when you choose partial PPF coverage. It also looks and provides incredible protection as a full wrap.

One of the best features of gloss finish LLumar Platinum PPF is its self-healing surface: swirl marks and minor scratches disappear with exposure to heat from your engine or the sun. our hydrophobic, water beading Hydro Gard technology provides stain resistance and enhanced durability. A 10-year manufacturer’s warranty covers your investment in gloss finish LLumar Platinum PPF, so you can wash, wax, and drive your vehicle worry free.

We also offer in this product:

  • Valor PPF
  • Platinum Matte PPF
  • Select Black PPF

Both our Window Film and Paint Protection Film are cut using our Graphtec CE7000 machine. For the perfect precious cut every time. Which means no knife to window or knife to paint.